My Vaccine Passport at Hauraki Corner Pharmacy

If you are struggling with getting a 'My Vaccine Pass' we can help you out at Hauraki Corner Pharmacy.

Complete the below form or give our store a call and we will apply for your pass(es) on your behalf.

We will print the pass for you at no cost, but if you would like the pass laminated, there will be a fee of $10.00 per pass.

We kindly ask that you allow us 24 hours for your pass to be completed.

If you add an email address we can also email the pass to that email address.

The Vaccine Passports are available from Hauraki Corner Pharmacy, 349 Lake Road, Hauraki.

Our contact number is: 09 489 7747

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Thank You for your request - Give us a call in 24 hours and we will confirm that your pass is ready for collection.


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